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Value Proposition


1.Strategic Consulting

Our strategic consultant has experiences from business advisory, product and software selection, implementation and operational support. At PPI, we understand that each customer is unique and required specific solution to fit into their business needs. We provide strategic consulting range from business advisory, such as: IT & Network Convergence Strategy as an emerging technologies, and network architecture designs used to migrate voice and data networks into a single network. It has capability to create transition from the traditional separate circuit-switched voice network and packet-switched data networks, to a single packet-switched network supporting both voice and data protocols to be ready for the new era of DIGITAL SERVICE PROVIDER (Data Driven).


  • Enterprise Application Integration, it is interoperability and organization of the flow of information between heterogeneous applications, i.e. ensure communication between the different applications making up the information system of the company, even those of clients, partners, or suppliers.
  • Business Process Management, is management approach focused on aligning all aspect of an organization to improve process continuously. BPM also knows as a process optimization process.
  • IT & Network Integration/Convergence, and NGOSS Implementation, stands for “New Generation Operations Systems and Software”, to provide ways to help Communication Service Providers to manage their business. NGOSS based are Separation of Business Process from Component Implementation, Loosely Coupled Distributed System, Shared Information Model, Common Communications Infrastructure, Contract defined interfaces
  • 3. Project Management

    Our Project Management service is a dynamic process that utilizes appropriate skilled resources in a controlled and structured environment with the aim to deliver all technical requirements while also ensuring the highest level of performance of delivery in a disciplined and timely mannerProject Management is key success of delivering solution to customer; it contains the art of defining planning, organizing, and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives

    4. Solutions

    We are working closely with our selected technology partners to provide a unique solution to assist our customer to address their dynamic market challenges , such as : To enable a quick and cost effective new services introduction to the market while also lowering their cost base. More open for developing partner ecosystem in OTT/Apps and other vertical industry (finance, health, etc.). Converged infrastructure (cloud platforms and BSS/OSS systems to support LTE implementations) and online channels to support the move towards digital lifestyles.


  • Network and Infrastructure, we provide data centre installation, relocation covering server, mail server, ftp server, data communication and power system
  • Manage Service, we manage day to day operation of company range from daily performance check (application, network, and databases), back up and re-store, housekeeping and purging.